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Welcome to our universe!


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Lavender Collection SOON IN SHOP!

Our Lavender bags are delightful sachets, made of vintage linens, laces and other market sourced materials, filled with fragrant dried lavender flowers. Picked in my neighbourhood, Provence France. They are all handmade by me..The soothing scent of lavender is renowned for its calming and stress-relieving properties. Placing a lavender bag in your closet or drawers infuses your clothing with a gentle, natural aroma while keeping moths and other pests at bay.

Lavender bags are perfect for placing under your pillow to promote a peaceful night's sleep. both for you and the little ones :)

Their calming fragrance can help ease anxiety and enhance relaxation. They also make thoughtful and aromatic gifts, adding a touch of nature's tranquility to any room, you can put it in your babies bed or stroller for a comfortable scent of natur..

These small, simple sachets are a wonderful way to bring a touch of lavender's beauty and benefits into your daily life. Whether as a natural air freshener, a sleep aid, or a charming decorative element, lavender bags are a fragrant reminder of nature's simple joys. 

Sweet dreams!


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